Need Help Connecting Teradak Eth to Fiber Converter


Feb 28, 2024
Southern California
Evening all!

I posted this on one of my older posts, and figured it might be best start a new post. I'm anxious to get things up and running.

I am not experienced with network audio, and over the past few months did a lot of research. Reading posts from many great members on this forum, I decided on a solution suggested by RepublicofTexas.

I ordered the Teradak TS212 from Kam Audio and it has arrived. I also ordered and received a new old stock Cisco 2960G switch (it was the last one!) and it arrived a week or two ago. It has been working without flaw.

About two weeks ago I had Spectrum out to relocate the modem / router. Until now, I have relied on a wifi signal. With the modem situated next to the system - allowing for direct ethernet connection - I find the difference in sonic performance is much improved with greater clarity, focus, and dynamics.

The Teradak TS212 surprises me with its quality fit and finish. It is beautifully built using rather thick gauge aluminium, and with a lovely brushed finish. It is hefty as well.

Got everything connected as follows; Modem/ Router connected to Teradak TS212 via ethernet cable. I purchased a Cisco manufacturer part number fiber cable complete with modules. That cable is connected and runs to the Cisco 2960G fiber port. The other devices, such as EverSolo DMP-A6 Master Edition streamer, Apple TV streamer, Devialet Expert Pro 220, and LG OLED 77 TV are all connected into the Cicso 2960G ports.

Frustratingly, the EverSolo DMP-A6 is failing to connect with the ethernet input from the 2960G. It connects okay with ethernet from the 2960G without the fiber converter inline. It also works with wifi.

I believe the Teradak is not 'shaking hands' with the 2960G correctly. I must be missing a procedure and need help please. So anxious to determine the benefit of this fiber converter as it provides full galvanic isolation. I am expecting it will make a very subtle if any difference, but having been down the road on so many different components and tweaks for decades, I know from experience some of these tweaks work extraordinarily well.

My thanks!


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Superdad kindly replied on another thread. He indicated the need to have Cisco-compatible transceivers, and the cable I have is indeed Cisco. However it prompted me to look more closely at the part number, SFP-H10GB-CU1M. This might be the problem? The 2960G is gigabit and I am now not so sure this cable with those transceivers is designed to work with gigabit?
Yup the teradak is only 1Gbps, and can’t accept SFP+
SFP = 1Gbps
SFP+ = 10Gbps

Some SFP+ ports can accept SFPs/1Gbps. Some cannot. It depends on the switch/router. There might be a setting on the Cisco.
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Thanks TCR80. Great feedback and much appreciated. I got the OFNP plenum multmode duplex fiber optic cabling today along with Finisar FTLF1318P3BTL transceivers. Plugged everything in. Thought it was going to be plug 'n play but i was mistaken. Running ethernet from router to Teradak TS212, then fiber to the SFP port on 2960G, which then distributes ethernet to the streamer etc. No dice I'm afraid. I deleted then reinstalled the control app on my iphone and ipad, went through setup again, which uses a QR code on the streamer screen that the iphone scans to complete pairing. Kept getting a message that the control device (iphone with app) has to be on the same LAN to complete setup, so for some weird reason it sees the connection that has gone through the converter as a different LAN or IP address? Very frustrating. I did check an ethernet cable running directly from the router, and the from the 2960 fed by ethernet (not teradak fiber) and it works fine? Frustrating.. Any ideas?
It’s the Cisco. Using SFP + with the 212 no problem. This is my down stream converter.


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Good morning! Thanks RepublicofTexas69. Yes, I was leaning that way. At this point I will just get that converter. Even tried a reset with the 2960G to no avail.
Your new optic appears to be single mode (1310nm) but you say you’re using multi mode cable?

If your optic has a blue handle you should be using a yellow cable.
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I believe its multimode. That is what the item on Amazon described


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will multimode not work? Fair enough. I will get the single mode cable ordered today too. I will still get the additional converter just in case. Thanks!
You may have other issues but at least start with the right cable.
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Ok, got QSFPTEK converter unit ordered. Also the single mode (Yellow) fiber cable (16ft). Additionally ordered some more rubber/cork vibration isolation pads larger 4"x4" size. Got them this big to put them under Array 1400s, as I do not have the spikes for those speakers. They have a strong smell which i hope dissipates over the next week, otherwise i will have no choice but to return them. I will let you guys know when this additional kit arrives. Will be quick as its Amazon Prime.

Thanks guys
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Hi folks, received theQSFPTEK 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx Gogabit Ethernet Converter today. Also got single-mode yellow fiber cable. Doesn't fit. Please see attached pics. Either I have the wrong converter or wrong cable. Please advise..


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Another question. Does this converter have a transceiver built in? There is no possibility to put the transceiver (see pic) in this converter.


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Djsina2, thanks for your observation.

Decided to simplify things, so ordered another Teradak TS212 converter, this time with the OXCO clock upgrade, and silver wire upgrade too. I also ordered the AOC active SFP+ cable between the two TS212s, completing the fiber bridge. Kam Audio is a sound company with quality-made products. I haven't heard the result yet, and will report back when the second unit is received, snd I've had a chance to observe sound quality potential.

Received second Kam Audio Teradak TS212 converter unit. This unit has upgrade options OCXO clock and silver wiring. Also received 5mtr AOC (Active) fiber cable from Kam Audio. Cable is treated with graphene on tranceiver housings.

Mischief managed. Works flawlessly. As RepofTexas suggests problem was the Cisco fiber port not operating for some reason.

I should mention that I plugged the switch mode power supplies from the Spectrum modem and separate router into the Powerplant via an extension cord. The Teradak TS212 converter units have excellent R-core linear power supplies built in.

I consider the modest expense of implementing a Cisco 2960G switch, and a fiber bridge well worth it with the sonic benefits I perceive, which I hear as better resolution overall.

Pertaining to network streamed audio inprovements, I experienced a very significant gain in resolution and enjoyment by moving the Spectrum modem and router to be situated next to the audio streamer, allowing for wired ethernet connection. For years I have been relying on the Eero mesh that received the datastream via wifi. If you are still relying on this, try a wired ethernet connection from your modem/router to the streamer if you can. I found it to be transformative.

I have found the EverSolo DMP-A6 dedicated streamer has been a great improvement for sound quality too.

A word on Kam Audio. They are based out of China. Excellent experience. Great communication High-quality construction and all round superb product. I also ordered some silver-coated high purity OFC teflon-sleeve wire and silver plated banana plugs. All great quality. Highly recommended.


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