Must have modification for Lampizator Amber 3 DAC


May 1, 2022
The Amber 3 has virtually everything I wanted in a DAC, except for separation. Instruments are not in focus. Additionally, though I didn't realize it until I modified it, it's a bit slow. While it uses very nice copper and wax Jupiter caps, I decided to bypass them with VHAudio's .1uf ODAM capacitors. I immediately gained focus in the soundstage, and I believe increased response/impact. These are 80% burned in, so I don't expect tremendous change, only a little bit more improvement over what I am now hearing. After I get more experience with the sound, I have .001 CuTF capacitors which I'll install next. I'm not sure that they add much if anything, and they have a long break in, but I want to get everything I can out of this DAC.
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Aug 22, 2021

Or Jupiter?

First critical observation I have read of the Amber 3. I appreciate your willingness to share it.

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