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At the last few shows I attended, about 80% of the rooms suffered from mediocre to terrible bass.
It's all about integration/homogeneity/coherence.
The best examples are almost always two-way systems.

That's why I proposed some simplification, based on the Lorenzo LM1.

This post is telling, as are RCanelas' other comments.

I don't care about bad show sound. Integration of subs in a carefully thought out home set-up, a set-up refined over a long time, is what counts.
One step further after 100K it better deliver all the bells and whistle, with very little compromise if not a total fail , too many laterals in audio defined by a price differential making no sense ..!

Profiting off what the market will bare is what free marketing is all about , so not begrudging those who do ..

I personally hope they price themselves right out of business ! :)
I'm hoping that everyone that heard it could mask away the room and listen to the underlying beauty there.
is there a chance that we can listen to your GALLE DAC at HE Munich or Hifideluxe next year?
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Sorry for the OT here, but one question: which preamps were or are these amps used with? Is it possible to use them with highly efficient speakers?
We used few preamps: Mastersound preamp, a very high quality custom passive preamp, or First Sound dual mono passive preamp, also sometimes driven from high quality audio card from a very high end "audiophile" computer used as both streamer and using digital volume output of the software player.
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Mike sooner.
He already admitted he thinks he likes trios,
they are on my radar doing special things. i'd need to travel to hear them right. but more likely i'm staying with what i have.

overall i do like horns and am not anti horn. if i was changing, a dynamic speaker is more likely. panel less likely. but it's all just dreaming at this point.
and unfortunately also liked the duos at Axpona.
Mezzo's way different and better than my Duo audition at the Seattle Show. or maybe just a much better set-up. but the Trio life force seemed much higher.
I think that those who prefer the sound of analog reproduction have become accustomed to a curtailed high frequency extension and resolution.

You continue to mistake your subjective personal preferences for objective fact in a subjective hobby.
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In other words, you agree with me? He also admitted he preferred the Lamm ML3 to other tube amps in his system. You are usually quicker with details.

Man in the Moon about to giggle.

Mike has never been anti-horn, never falsely claimed horn exposure, was very realistic in admitting what he has heard and what he has not.
Good god what are you talking about mate?

A few years ago you were planning a KT 150 single ended amp (SEP, technically, not SET). And ribbon planars.
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You and Brad are dealers. I do not know anything about Wil. I account for that in your comments about the products you represent and those you do not represent. Simple as that. You have every right to share your opinion. I am not surprised that Clarysis is one of your show favorites at Axpona, nor that Aries Cerat is one of Brad's at Munich.

It is the same as when you do videos of the speakers you sell. I consider that pure dealer marketing via WBF for your brand. And when you film competitors’ speakers, well we’ve already had that discussion. You share your opinions and we decide how to value them.

Forgive me, for some reason I thought you were referring to wil as a dealer.

You can consider my reporting to be however you wish. You are free to view my reporting through whatever prejudiced prism you select.

We have had years of discussions about many topics which has given me insight into how you think and into your mental process. I believe you would be incapable of wearing two separate hats, and of compartmentalizing your views and your reporting on the one hand, and your fully disclosed dealer activity on the other hand. I believe you would be unable to separate these two roles. I believe that because you could not implement honestly and fairly this separation you assume that I cannot implement honestly and fairly this separation.

I believe that you personally would be incapable of bifurcating these two different roles and of preventing a potential conflict of interest from maturing into an actual conflict of interest. I believe that because you know -- explicitly or subconsciously -- that you couldn't do this, you assume that I cannot do this. I stipulate that you have every right to decide for yourself to assume that I cannot do this.

Yes, Clarisys was one of my favorite rooms at AXPONA, along with eight or ten other favorite rooms. Not once did I single out the Clarisys room as being somehow above my other favorite rooms. I routinely complement and praise Sound Lab and Alsyvox and Magnepan and Analysis Audio and Martin Logan and Diptyque, competitors to Clarisys, both privately and publicly. Frequently, and as a matter of policy, I advise any audiophile interested in planar dipole loudspeakers to audition each of these candidates.

I have been discussing privately the possibility of becoming a Clarisys dealer since early 2023. I truly believe that not even Sherlock Holmes himself could have detected any pro-Clarisys bias on my part in any of the loudspeaker designer interviews I conducted with designers last year. I defy you to find in my interviews evidence of such a claim.

Of course my lifelong love of planar dipole loudspeakers in general sometimes informs some of the questions I ask interviewees, but that has nothing to do with Clarisys per se.
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My example is there is a section showing available Porsche or Mercedes and then there is the section of Monster Trucks with Huge Tires and all chrome everything spinning in circles and making a lot of noise. I have no interest in the latter.

It is always tempting to make a comparison with cars, while it is of course a case of apples and oranges.

Nevertheless, an analogy can be drawn.
I'm leaving out the fair truck.

If we look at Mercedes and Porsche and consider the core values both brands represent - usable sportiness vs durable comfort - in the light of history, the requirements imposed by government authorities as well as technological and economic developments, bearing in mind this 'law':

Sturgeon's Law.png

And we try to distill the pure essence of both brands in terms of engineering, material- & production technologies; some questions arise:

What has changed over time?
What are the effects on the core properties?
And to what extent do both brands still distinguish themselves from the competition compared to the past?
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I don't care about bad show sound. Integration of subs in a carefully thought out home set-up, a set-up refined over a long time, is what counts.
Your happiness is what ultimately counts ;)

Last year I had a conversation with a distributor about the (poor) performance of his setup compared to his (different) setup the year before - which was my personal 'best of show'.
However, the person in question was convinced that there was nothing wrong and that it sounded good.
I left it at that.
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