Modwright vs AudiaFlight power amps


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Jun 8, 2014
I know its a strange comparison, but has anyone ever compared a MW amp to an Audia Flight amp?

In my specific case im replacing some class d amps that drive the 3 front channels of my HT with something warmer and more analogue sounding. These 2 brands pooped up as providing some nice warm sound without costing both my legs

thx in advance

Ric Schultz

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Jun 22, 2013
Soquel, CA
There is a new Class D amp from Icepower (1200AS2) that does not sound fact, it has beaten quite a few tube amps......and also beat the Modwright 150SE and equaled a Pass 250.8. Check this forum out for more info, including the guys who A/Bed it with the Modwright and Pass amps, etc.:

However, the guy that made these amps has been kicked off at least 4 forums (including this one and just a couple of weeks ago his own forum on Audiocircle). He is no longer making the amps but I will have a much better sounding version of this module out in a couple of months. There are a few other companies now selling these modules in a box but what am going to do is way "beyond ordinary".

I will start a thread here about the amp when I am close to production. I am also going to have three amps out on tour so there will be lots of great feedback. The amp will also be sold with 30 day money back guarantee. Pricing looks like $1500-$2400 depending on options. This amp does 600 watts into 8 ohms. This new "IceEdge" technology amp has been in development for 7 years and this is the first amp module using this new technology (amp module released last Nov.). This amp module is a breakthrough in class D technology (at least for the under $8K price range).

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