Minimum bandwidth (download/speed) requirements for streaming high resolution files (Qobuz; Tidal) 25Mbps to 30Mbps?


Nov 27, 2021
It has been suggested to me that typical high resolution files available for streaming, e.g., Qobuz or Tidal require a minimum download bandwidth of 25Mbps to 30Mbps. How is that bandwidth requirement determined? What concerns are in order when bandwidth drops (for example, to 15Mbps to 20Mbps) on a given day or at periods of time during actual streaming? Is a minimum bandwidth limit at least somewhat arbitrary? What role do buffer settings play in Qobuz/Tidal in relation to necessary bandwidth demand?

Regarding consistency and reliability of bandwidth/signal for streaming, which "internet/data provider" do you prefer, and why? What problems or concerns have you encountered with your provider?

Thanks in advance for your opinions and experiences.

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