Mini Capital Audiofest, March 5th Rockville, MD AQUA, GT Audio Works, NuPrime


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Feb 2, 2012
Annapolis, MD
Gary Gill is hosting a Mini CAF in Rockville, MD Saturday March 5th, AQUA DAC, GTAW GTA 2.5 speakers, NuPrime ST-10 SE amp, Wells majestic Integrated amp, Clones, Hi Diamond cabling, Robson speakers, and Core Power Technologies AC conditioning. RSVP to to reserve a spot and get directions.
The natural sounding AQUA DACs are worth the trip, and the GTA 2.5 speakers ( Gold Award winners from AV Showrooms at 2015 CAF ) will be playing for all who haven't heard them in person. The very cost effective NuPrime DAC/Amps, Wells amps, and Hi Diamond cables complete the systems. The very affordable Core Power Technologies AC conditioners will also be in the systems.

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