Miller and Kreisel V-125 squealing like a mouse??


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Apr 9, 2019
I bought a used Miller and Kreisel V-125 sub, with a Cerwin Vega driver in it. Unhooked my Polk Audio sub, which was working great, but the M&K at first had no sound. So I turned up the volume knob on the sub and it started thumping pretty hard, but then cut out. As it was doing this, there was also a squealing sound, exactly like a mouse and it would cut out everytime I touched the volume knob. I'm guessing there is a short in the volume control knob, but will that cause the squeaking? Could it be the Cerwin Vega driver is not suitable as a sub driver? I'm just getting back into listening to music the right way after over 30 years of having nothing more than a little radio. So I'm trying to learn everything again, plus all the new stuff I can. Thanks in advance! 111324425172020ik.JPG 111324425172020ik.JPG 6313825172021ik.JPG 885167325172021ik.JPG

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