Marantz sr5000

tal rubin

New Member
Feb 28, 2018
Hallo All,
I'm new here but i was hoping you guys will have an answer for me,
I have a Marantz SR5000 receiver, and lately i got a turntable (ie phono) with some records, but i don't know if i need to get a preamp to connect it to my receiver?
I have asked Marantz vie email for an answer but with no replay.
and if i'm here already, can i connect a stream device to my receiver? the whole thing with the analog, and that the receiver is old really confused me.
Feb 8, 2011
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
You would need a phono preamp as the Marantz SR5000 doesn't have a phono input.

According to some this Marantz model receiver wasn't their best.
You can get a better one on eBay or other places depending of your budget and one that has a phono input and more up to the latest* for streaming music.

* Digital: HDMI jacks, USB ports, internal DACs. ...That type, and with an analog phono input...which doesn't require an external phono preamp as it is built-in inside the receiver for a regular type turntable.

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