Manley labs SteelHead phono stage


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Nov 24, 2015
thought maybe open it in a new thread....

I know its been a while when the Manley "steelhead" was the "HOT STUFF..."
but i cant stop wondering.... why no one was referring to it this days.. (its lost his charm?, audiophile keep looking for the new Hot stuff and moved on?)
i remember 8-15 years ago, EVERYONE talked about it and want one.. (maybe Mike-f "fault"?)
do you think it still can hold it own compering to a 10-30K phono stages of today? sound wise.... (now days his versatile nature seen with a lot of equipment not like it was 15 years ago)

its no secret that 10-15 years ago HIGH END audio was a lot less expensive... (relativity)
now days everyone are just get a high $$ price tag and trying to get the most attention
from the heavy buyers. no matter how good (or less) they are. and sending their equipment for a RAVE REVIEWS... across the web.

the steelhead still have the looks (for whom in to that industrial looks), versatility, design, etc like the best of today...

your thoughts?


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Apr 7, 2014
Canberra Australia
I can only comment as an owner

It was good

And flexible

And configurable

It had a sort sound to it, I could never get rid of, which annoyed me

However that was a classical musical lover

Personally given all the hype back when..a bit disappointed in it

Not sure if was me or the product

I should mention the support of Manley is wonderful...