Luxman's EQ-500 Phono Stage at AXPONA

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By now some of you will will have had a chance to read the rave review in the May issue of Stereophile, of the EQ-500 written by Art Dudley. I will be the guest DJ at Music Direct's room, using the EQ-500 and a new turntable from VPI - Wells 3 on Friday & Saturday afternoon from 3 - 4:00PM

More information about the music that we will be playing

The test pressing of Vanessa Fernandez When The Levee Breaks is outstanding. As is the first ever 45RPM pressing of Saint-Saens Organ Symphony recorded by Keith Johnson on the Reference label - truly state of the art.

We will also hope to play the 45RPM test pressing of Santana's "Abraxas" - a long time favourite of mine.

Please make it a point of introducing yourself.

As always, happy listening.



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Feb 26, 2014
Excellent music - Mahler 3, Arpeggione, and When the Levee Breaks plus more.

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