Linear power supply for more disk player models out there...


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May 27, 2016
It is now well known about the improvements an linear power supply it brings when using it in audio/video signal source devices. I have started with designing LPS for Oppo players (beside an extended game of other upgrades). Now all Oppo player models it benefit of my LPS. I have then extended the LPS approach for other players models as well, as Panasonic and Pioneer. The result is indeed an dramatically improvement for both video and audio quality delivered by these signal sources. Almost all the consumer devices, it are powered today by switching mode PSUs, which in most cases it are extremely noisy (electrical noise). I try to correct this consumer cheap design approach...
Hereby are pictured my last LPSes for Panasonic UB9000 model, and Pioneer LX500, as the one developed for Oppo models.

LPS - Panasonic UB9000
LPSl - UB9000.jpg

LPS - Pioneer LX500
LX500 - LPS.jpg

LPS - Oppo all player models

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