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Extra: Mixing music (pleasure only):

* My take: LG OLED.....Dolby Vision.....Sony Vision (OLED panels from 2016 LG OLED TVs):

I am reading a fair bunch on the best OLED TVs today for overall performance/value.
The brands that use OLED technology are LG, Sony and Panasonic ... as far as I know.

The brands that support Dolby Vision are LG and Sony (for both 4K TVs and 4K Blu-ray players). Sony is just more discreet right now (4K/BR players).
We are only @ the beginning of the Dolby Vision apotheosis. The ultimate culmination is in the future. Right now it's Vudu Dolby Vision, and on June 6th Despicable Me l and ll on 4K Blu-ray: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/dv-bd-201703284449.htm

Remember this: LG, Sony and Panasonic are three giants in the TV business. Samsung and Vizio too (Sharp, Toshiba, tralala...) but those brands are not getting on with the OLED program. And! Sony A1E 4K Dolby Vision/HLG/HDR TV uses an OLED panel made from LG.
Panasonic I just don't know where they get their OLED panels from.

It's a jungle out there; they're all battling for our credit cards. And that's one of the reasons that they all abandoned 3D this year, for competition.
Because! Adding 3D feature in an OLED TV would diminish the brightness level, even on 2D/4K content.
OLED is the serious stuff for true cinema aficionados...IMO. Because they look their best with the lights dimmed, in darkness, like @ the cinema theaters.
If you want the most brightness (daytime watching) you can aim the other direction...LCD LED technology. There is also QLED.
Personally I never watch TV during daytime, never before late late late @ night. The only screens I look @ during the day, occasionally, are LED (OLED) from PC's screens, laptops, notebooks, androids, tablets. And there are iPhones and iPads of course, for the higher bracket. :b

I won't cry @ the death of 3D in all 2017 TVs. It will be back eventually, so I am not worry. Besides, my plasma TV is still good to go with 3D and also with less motion blur artifacts. And! Front projectors and BR players (4K) they all do (the vast majority of most of them) (((3D))). The IMAX 3D theaters are well alive and fun. ...Plus the 3D content keeps popping up on Blu and @ the theaters.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 3D Blu-ray


- The Great Wall
- Ballerina
- The Lego Batman Movie
- Beauty and the Beast
- The Boss Baby
- Kong: Skull Island
- Ghost in the Shell
- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
- Smurfs: The Lost Village
- King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

And more...Avatar sequels, Star Wars sequels, MARVEL films, DC Comics, film animations, documentaries, old obscure cult and classics, etc.

Should you buy a 75" 4K OLED TV today? Maybe; if you are rich, if it offers Dolby Vision, if you are ready to upgrade next year with even more advanced OLED TVs. Or! You can buy an inexpensive one...below say $10,000 and enjoy it for few years.
This is all very relative; we're all different, the main essence is to be healthy (mentally and physically) and happy today. :b
Financial health sure helps too. And same as living in the moment.

This is not a new Apogee speaker thread, but the apogee in OLED display today. :b
Me personally, I think LG is in the lead, and Sony is making a big effort to be 'extremely' competitive with their X1 Extreme HDR video processor chip.
Sony has always been a premium in many market segments. It's normal that they charge more money than the others, because it's part of their reputation.
For example, they released a 4K Blu-ray player (800 model) for only $299 (US) but if you look @ the back it's empty! And if you look @ the front there is no front panel display! Lol

It's a funny world the one we live in with all the audio/video manufacturers fighting for our collective infrastructure (fractured money). ...Way of speech.
We all know what the two most lucrative product businesses are in the world: Guns (arms) and oil (petroleum gas). The first one eradicates the bad people, and the second contributes to global warming. :b Like I said, it's a funny world...very unbalanced with unbalanced people.

Anyway, in the world of OLED I'm trying to find the right (best) balance.
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Mar 26, 2014
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This one was interesting, because I've wondered about this myself. The previous (6) range of LG TVs is less than half the price of the 7 series at the moment over here. I'm quite tempted...
Here in Canada a good LG OLED 4K TV is still expensive, both 2016 (3D able) and 2017 models...in the 65" Class.
In the USA no sweat, they have the best deals.

It depends of each country's economy of scale, the value of their currency, and the transportation costs.
Plus when you add the taxes (12%) on a say $10,000 item ... that's the price of an Oppo 205 4K/3D Blu-ray player (in US dollars).

But it's OK, we don't complain, we just want the best today. Because tomorrow it won't be anymore. :b


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Aug 10, 2012
In Holland the LG77g7v is offered by one of the internet sellers for a tad less than eur 10k while the 77w7 and the 776gv are eur 20k respectively eur 17k. So the strange thing is that the later 77 inch model (apart from the LG w series) is cheaper than the earlier 776v model. Does not make any sense to me but I am tempted as well. But as mentioned before: still like my 65 inch Pioneer Kuro plasma tv.
This is how I usually buy a new TV: I do my research first online, I have few models in mind, I go to my local video stores, I check them out, I talk with the dealer, look @ the picture, play with the remote, look @ their price offering. Another day I go visit another video store...live, die, repeat...another size another brand another model from my list. It could take some time, or it could be real quick...like love-in-first-sight and the-price-is-right. :b

It's getting more and more competitive with OLED. The price @ the end could determine a sale or not, like if one manufacturer overcharges for its TV.
Competition is the best thing for us, just like yesterday when we bought our plasma TVs for a song.

We are seeing a trend here: LG, Sony and Panasonic ... OLED.
Samsung ... QLED.

The best plamas from yesterday were from Pioneer Kuros, Panasonic and Samsung.
The best OLEDs today are from LG and Sony. Panasonic I just don't know enough yet.
The times are changing with the better brands. It's a rotation, a thirst from TV manufacturers to get our money.
It's a fun game when it comes to home video entertainment. And it is serious too when the exchange is serious money.
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Feb 8, 2011
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Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010

Joe Whip

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Feb 8, 2014
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Mike, it is a great set to be sure. It was very impressive during the shootout at CE Week I attended for two days this week in NYC. You can't go wrong with either the Sony or LG OLEDs. As impressive as it was, get it calibrated by an expert on that set. These sets can get amazing close to a $30,000 mastering monitor. Enjoy your TV.

Which one of these two guys above looks the most accurate to your eyes, skin tone wise and shirt color wise?
Take your time before you answer this extremely difficult quiz. :b
Oh, and one of them listens to MQA while the other is into Tidal and Roon; can you guess?
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Apr 20, 2010
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The Asian fellow's name from HDTVTEST eludes me (Vincent Taoh?), but he is the best TV technology reviewer on Youtube. He clearly has an intricate knowledge of the technologies and is able to convey them comparatively in an understandable way for all of the sets he talks about.

I wish they would make a 42 to 45 inch OLED, I would buy one right away for a computer monitor and mini AV setup.
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I spent 25 minutes watching a YouTube video. But you don't have to if you don't want to.
What did I learn? ...Quite a bit, and I thank Vincent, a pro video TV calibrator and reviewer for his honesty and integrity. @ the end the choice we make is the one we live with and without necessarily be the best.
That's easy, because we don't know the best if we don't follow the road leading to it. It's a way of speech of course and it applies to TVs as it applies to all the rest that is best in life.

Anyway, it's a recent comparison video of two from the . . . top.

Yes I know, 25 minutes is a long time today in the fast world we live in, but knowledge has no time limit.

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