Lampizated Tascam A to D converter

Bruce B

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Apr 26, 2010
Seattle, WA
I will agree that the best "all in one" recorder is the Tascam. I've had my Tascam and modified Korg for some time now. The best recorder is a separate A-D converter and software like Pyramix. I am now using the Horus, but have used many A-D converters, such as the Grimm, Playback Designs, EMM Labs/Meitner, dCS, Mytek, Genex, MSB and DAD. Have done quite a few A-D shoot outs in DSD. So far, the Merging Horus with new cards is the best I've heard.


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Dec 12, 2011
I'm am using the Benchmark A/D converter straight into the Tascam and results are much better. I record at 24/176. I'm not interested in dsd.

It apparently does 24/192 superbly as well! Basically, you should rip to the sweetspot of your DAC and not follow format dogma.

This may well be the world first Dsd professional recording machine with ZERO SILICON in the whole recording chain. Np opamps no resistors no compression no transistors. Just mike feed through one single ended triode to dsd adc engine. At dsd128 this sounds like ten million pound sterling. All wiring is silver. Outboard transformer. It took me a year to pull it through. Tonight recording vinyl

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I have been long planning the ADC lampization. The best recorder seems to be TASCAM thats why I bought it. Then another one bought my friend from a recording studio so I could start sniffing around the circuits and holding one "virgin" tascam as a reference . I managed to find hundreds of parts in the input stage before conversion which are unnecessary silicon ****. I removed them all and still got music. Eventually I managed to remove ALL 100% parts from analog section and replace them all with a tube section consisting of truly fully balanced 6N16P triodes - 4 triodes per input. They are connected to ADC chip and then fresh clean data goes to CF memory card. As simple as that. I am still learning how to make reference sample recordings and as soon as I can find time to make them - we will present 3 samples recorded on stock TASCAM and 3 samples from lampizator Tascam - same songs - same DSD128x - for everybody to compare. I will make them available on the website for free. Having said that I love PCM 24/192 on that machine with tubes installed.

ADC is fascinating process. Can you imagine vinyl to DSD with this level of purity ? Probably noone ever heard digital this good.