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Sep 20, 2014
New York, NY
In February I reached out to Transparent regarding whether one of my signal cables required recalibration for a new DAC I was getting. John Warwick of TA, within the hour advised me it did. I contacted my dealer and brought the cable to them the beginning of this month. My dealer did not have a loaner cable available but said it would only take a week and they would ship it the next day. I reached out to my dealer several times the end of last week and this week as to status but they were not responsive. I decided to reach out to John and again within the hour he had contacted my dealer, advised me they had not received the cable yet but would be looking for it and ensure it gets turned around quickly and my dealer would be contacting me. Within a few minutes my dealer contacted me, apologized for the delay in shipping and offered me a loaner cable (I had mentioned to John that my dealer did not have a loaner available). I greatly appreciate Transparent and John going the extra mile for their customer and wanted to share my experience.


Sep 3, 2012
Great customer service story ! Transparent has always been extremely helpful to me and my dealer...
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