Kharma Exquisite Midi


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May 11, 2010
Smyrna, GA
With all due respect, I get the impression Kharma marketing strategy is to create "a lifestyle product line", catering to the "discerning audio connoisseur with impeccable taste (and lots of cash) " - A rapidly growing demographic in Asia!

A full range of products designed around around appearance (a huge part of Kharma "branding" (and the engineering budget I might add). Slightly off putting to me.

I like the concept of some guy in a garage obsessed with create the best sounding single piece of kit, and if succesfull build a company around that product. This typically leads to specialization (i.e. Audio Research amps, Transparent cabling, Avalon speakers, MSB digital audio etc.), rather than creating a "full product line" with "design" as the unifying theme.


[WBF Founding Member]
Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
Hi Wizard, how did the sound change when they moved from the Thiel/Accuton to the Omegas? Just curious as it was Kharma's high profile in the past that brought a lot of attention to ceramics.

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