Jcat Femto vs Jcat XE Xtreme Edition USB cards: Twice the Performance at Twice the Price?


Mar 8, 2015
Has anyone heard the new Jcat XE? How does it compare to the Jcat Femto?
Jun 30, 2020
Berlin, Germany
Yes, I was one of the very first to receive the JCAT USB XE.

The Technology

Some technical data:
- Emerald OCXO (oven controlled oscillator) ± 0.005 (± 5 ppb) stability
- ASM3142 USB 3.1 host controller
- LT3045 linear regulators and filters eliminate noise interferences from a PC

Compared to the USB Femto Card, USB XE has a heat sink.

The external power supply with 5V via a high quality linear power supply is very important in my opinion.

In the picture below the PCIe card is installed on the left.

The Sound

A noticeably cleaner sound, better spatiality, more audible bass range, very finely resolved in the highs. In terms of tonal balance, the sound has shifted a little towards the treble - but very pleasant.
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