Introducing ZenWave Audio's new UPOCC Silver and Copper Ribbon Speaker Cables!


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Nov 16, 2014
I'd like to introduce ZenWave's brand new UPOCC silver and UPOCC copper ribbon speaker cables!

The SCR and SSR (Speaker cable, Copper Ribbon and Speaker cable, Silver Ribbon, respectively) speaker cables are derived from the PSR-14 power cable (Power cable, Silver Ribbon – 14 gauge), and are available in both 14 and 11 gauge versions. The PSR-14 is a cost-no-object UPOCC silver power cable using a fairly advanced ribbon conductor design that allows me to make the cable with less inductance vs a conventional cable. This worked so well that I used it as a basis to make other cables, I made copper ribbon power cables as well as the silver and copper ribbon speaker cables.

The speaker cables are very similar to the power cables, but have more balanced inductance vs capacitance, the speaker cables have less capacitance vs the power cables. I also use the ribbon conductors to make interconnect cables, the DSR IC is a 17g UPOCC silver IC cable and there will be copper versions eventually as well. The ICs have far less capacitance vs the power and speaker cables, so a totally different geometry, these cables will offer alternatives to my silver/gold alloy and copper litz interconnect cables.

Here's a link to the power cable thread, this contains some more technical information about how the new ZenWave ribbon cables differ from most ribbon or foil cables on the market today:

And here is a link to a new review done by Jay at AudioBacon, Jay does a great job describing the cables, and the review certainly reflects my design priorities. I think it's great to be able to give someone a cable to test and they come back with a result that matches my intentions very precisely! It makes me feel like my efforts have been recognized, and while it's certainly true that not every audio component will be a great fit for every system, I do offer free demos of all of my cables so you can see if you get similar results before spending your money.

I do have demo cables available in both SCR-14 and SSR-14 copper and silver models respectively, so please let me know if you'd like to demo them. :)

Oh, yeah... spoiler alert! The SCR-14 won AudioBacon's "Finest Cuts" award!

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