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Feb 26, 2014
Sadly, a bit of a puff piece that seems to focus on brand name furnishings, with very little sourcing — a designer or two who converted a playroom to a listening room, for example, and take a look at the chairs! Who would consider chairs with wrap around wings as good for listening? (An interior designer who listens with earbuds, if they listen at all!) A couple of rooms does not a “trend” make.

Maybe the writer did a much better job and his story was worked over by the editors to fit a particular space in the magazine.

I am blessed with the love of a good woman, so it was important for me to consider her wishes when we chose to acoustically remodel the “man cave” that existed in the home we purchased when we moved to Oregon. It was essential the room not have acoustic “thingies” all over the walls — we had some of those in our prior home in Seattle. It was important the acoustician knew how to work with an interior designer. in my opinion, a listening space need not look much different from the rest of your home, but it will take extra steps if you’re starting with an existing room.

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You can play some sport here. One person A stands behind speaker A, and hits the ball through the hole. Ball has to bounce and go through the other speaker B, where person B hits the ball back through the hole. 1 point lost if ball hits the speaker but still comes through the hole, and 2 points lost if hit outside the speaker
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