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Oct 12, 2017
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This is a business that Empirical Audio started back in 1996. After we started offering our own component products, we eliminated the cable products from our site because we did not have the bandwidth to support both. I still use these cables in my system and at shows. I still get requests for these cables from customers.

My IC designs have one of the lowest capacitance per foot of any cable on the market (3.8pF/foot) and will compete at the highest level. They are pure silver and not harsh because of the proprietary silver processing. The IC's are essentially bare silver wire suspended in air, but also hermetically sealed. They are patented designs and the Patents can become the property of the new owner if negotiated. The Patents alone cost me $25K.

We are offering the IC business at $7K, our cost for the parts and machines. The speaker cable technology and parts are $5K. You can literally buy a spool of silver and start making these. The only things needed are a soldering iron and heat-gun. Sell 10 cables and you make back your investment.

The IC business includes fabrication equipment, parts for at least 25 cables, webpages, a full set of BOMS for different lengths including time studies, collaterals including white-papers and a cable FAQ. Computer simulations and measurement plots for some of the cables will be provided. Purchase includes 1 day of training on assembling the interconnects and instructions for the speaker cables.

IC Fabrication equipment includes three drill presses with jigs for various operations and Tube Furnace for annealing of wire. There are enough parts to build about 25 ICs and a few speaker cables. IC connectors are both copper and silver bullet-plugs. New silver wire must be purchased.

The purchaser can do at least 2 improvements to the interconnects, including silver wire upgrade to OCC and changes to improve aesthetics. This will breath new life into the IC's and enable new reviews to be done. The more labor-intensive step of the IC fabrication can be automated. I will coach on these things.

The interconnects are assembled from scratch, with unshielded silver bare-wire with the lowest capacitance of any IC on the market at 3.8 pF/foot. This makes them particularly interesting for DAC to preamp and DAC to amp applications where the DAC output impedance is high and the capacitance of the cable must be low. The IC's are extremely durable and flexible enough for any application. You can literally put one connector in a vise and pull on the other end all day without breaking them. You can run over them with a truck with no effect.

There are a number of trade secrets as well as patents with both the IC's and speaker cables that protect them, but you can list the patent numbers on each. These were positively reviewed in Stereophile in 2013 and were listed in their recommended components for years:


More info and pictures of equipment and parts here:


You can PM me or email me using the "contact us" on my website if you have more questions.

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Empirical Audio
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