Help with wireless system upgrades


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Jan 19, 2021
Hi All, I am looking into whether there are some worthwhile upgrades I could perform to get more out of my system.

I currently run a roon nucleus and stream wirelessly (95% FLAC, 5% hi-res) to a couple of Naim Mu-So Qb 2s and to a Chord Hugo 2/ 2go for headphone listening.

I am not looking to change the Naim or Chord units as I am happy with them but rather wondering if cleaning up my power supply and/ or Ethernet switch would be expected to provide any benefit to my sq.

My living area dictates that I have a single plug socket providing power through a couple of chained multi-extension leads that power about 15 appliances (TV, Wi-Fi Router, games systems, Receiver, sub, roon nucleus, NAS, chargers etc) and so the small space behind my TV cabinet is a jungle of power cables, speaker wires and Ethernet cables.

My router has 4 ports, one of which goes to a cheap Ethernet switch that connects a further 7 units (including the roon nucleus) via cheap Ethernet cables.

My questions are:

1) Would upgrading one, two or all three of my power extenders to ‘audiophile grade’ provide any benefit to me? The only units in my roon audio chain are the nucleus and wi-fi router and they share this socket with multiple other pieces of electronics

2) Would upgrading my Ethernet switch make any difference? Or the Ethernet cables to the roon nucleus?

3) Would adding an EtherREGEN into my chain even work? All the benefits I have read about for this unit seem to be for a wired DAC rather than via wireless

Ultimately, I doubt the sq of the Naim units can be significantly improved and this doesn’t really matter as I am not ‘critically listening’ to them but if I could get a noticible sq improvement out of the Chord Hugo 2, I would be very happy.

Also, any future hifi I buy will likely be significantly higher end than my current set-up (Lumin or dCS DAC for example) so if I could future-proof the digital front end that would be a worthwhile investment.


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