Harbeth Super HL5 30th Anniversary


Oct 22, 2015
Pinecrest, FL

I have been offered a pair Harbeth Super HL5 Anniversary for a very good price. These speakers have a sensitivity of 86dB and I have 30W/Ch OTL tube amp, needless to say I do not want to change amps, I am very happy with it. What are the chances that they will be a good match in real life? I do no have the opportunity to try them at home.

Anyone with HL5s on the forum?




Jul 12, 2020
I find that Harbeths enjoy a great many amplifiers and it's not just wattage or tubes vs SS. You probably won't know what you like until you hear it.... so I would just get the speakers and resell if you don't like how they work with your amp. SHL5s sell fast when they come up.


Well-Known Member
Jul 22, 2010
SF Bay
Your amp should pair just fine unless your room is large or you have extensive acoustic challenges. To me Harbeths sound engaging and are enjoyable at moderate volumes. Perhaps 80 dba at your position. Don’t sit to far from them and the 30 watts should be a good match.

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