Happy Patricks Day (belated)

This is not intended as a "Best Of" Irish music, rather a nice introduction to forty years of Irish recorded music, selected by an Irish music lover. Music is very much the fabric of Irish culture. While it shares a lot of European culture, the very fact that it has been remote from the continent, means that culture took a different direction to the rest of Europe. Music is an active social ingredient in Ireland. Its not unusual for a sing-song at someone's home after the pubs close. For the parents to drag the kids out of bed at 2:00AM and ask the kids to sing or play the flute for the guests.

Here is a great opportunity to savour some truly stunning albums from an island on the western tip of Europe. From folk & traditional folk through the blues to new age and climaxing with some tasty rock.

For more of the same, double back to www.onahighernote.com - enjoy & happy listening...


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Feb 21, 2011
wtOMitMutb NH
Had cb&c a Guiness or two and played some Van while toasting you all.

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