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As my buddy marty has commented, a stage production such as Hamilton comes along every 20-30 years and will be remembered forever. Having seen the stage production this past weekend I completely agree. FWIW I bought these tickets to Hamilton at the Pantages in LA 18 months ago when it was announced that the stage production would be going on tour.

Unfortunately when I bought the tickets in June 2016 I paid the going rate at the time only to find out that the cost of tickets although remaining high were not in the stratosphere as I paid. However I bought the tickets to celebrate with my wife on our 32 anniversary.

Suffice it to say IMO it was worth every penny. Lin Manuel Miranda is truly a genius to put together this story about Alexander Hamilton the face on the $10 bill.

I heard from many people who saw the show that the rewards are better if you listen to the CD first and read the lyrics form the accompanying brochure with the CD. This helped immensely as there is so much going on on the stage that you have to listen carefully to the lyrics which are sung to rap music.

Also marty advised everyone to rent headsets at the theater as it becomes far more discernible. I did that very thing and was glad that I did. The sound was far better than listening without the head set as I had zero problems hearing everything

The production is entirely set to music with well over 40 songs in the show.

It was a long production but TBH I was glued to the seat as I was truly entertained

If you haven't seen this show, you MUST. It is that good and will not disappoint. As marty said, this show will go down in history as one off the greats. I totally concur

As an aside for those who watch Curb Your Enthusiasm the last 2 episodes of Season 9 stars Lin Manuel Miranda who helps Larry David bring his production of Fatwa to the stage. I'm sure that all of the songs were written by Miranda for those 2 episodes