Hallo from Germany

Dear all,
I'm the new rookie in this forum.
So what am I doing:
Professional wise I'm in the automotive industry and in the company responsible for the R&D.
Since approximately 5 years, during the week, I'm living in Sofia Bulgaria to grow up our sub there and flying back to my Family in Germany every weekend.
My friend Rainer (DerRainer) and me, we are the core of the Dereneville team.
We are sharing the passion in investigating the physical borders of record players.
While Rainer is the genius in mechanical works, I'm creating the electronics in hardware and software.
Of course I transferred the automotive technology standards to our Dereneville products to make them stable, long lasting and robust which is absolutely the basement for perfection.
We, Rainer and me, creating a perfect symbioses between the super accurate digital - and the sensible, continuous and precise analog world.
The results can be found on our web site www.Dereneville.de which I'm creating at the moment (unfortunately the site is still under creation which means it's still in German to be updated in English soon).
I hope I'll fit to this forum, I wish all you you a nice day and some nice vibes to your ears...


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Oct 14, 2018
Athens Greece
So nice meeting you here. The involved engineering makes your turntables and tonearms very interesting.
I wish I could audioned them in Greece.
Likes: DerHannes


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Apr 23, 2011

Leif S

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Feb 14, 2015
Hello and welcome to the forum
Aug 13, 2016
Welcome, I wish long life to you and your company!

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