Guinea Pigs Wanted!


Industry Expert
Nov 16, 2014
Not sure where to put this, mods feel free to move it...

I'd like a few volunteers to stop by and do some listening tests. It'll be fun! I have beer and snacks. :D

There's a bit of work too, taking some notes, listening to the same test tracks several times, etc... but also some general preference testing that involves playing music you already like and are very familiar with.

The ideal candidate is 5'6", 125 lbs... or maybe it's best if I just settle for folks that like music and have a decent ear, with experience listening to music live and ideally in various hifi systems as well.

I'm located in Lafayette, CO. Let me know via PM or email I'm thinking just a few folks to start, see how it goes... would be nice to do the first test in 10-14 days from now.

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