Gryphon Atila/Scorpio brief review.


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Aug 31, 2010
Mexico City
I just posted this review in Spanish for a local forum down here, I translated it through the Google translator tools - hope it is reasonably "readable".

I just finished a detailed listening session of the Danish Atila / Scorpio couple from Gryphon, a brand that I am familiar with since I have been fortunate enough to own about five different components from the firm for several years, starting with the Elektra / DM100 couple, then the BelCanto / S100 pair and more recently the fabulous Anthileon. All of them have left a deep mark on my experience as a Hi-End enthusiast, allowing me to assure you that they are undoubtedly one of the top five brands in sound equipment in my experience.

What particularity or hallmark does the Gryphon brand have compared to other good options such as Krell, Lamm or Levinson? Each has a house stamp, and all are undoubtedly excellent options - any of us can base its foundation on the section of amplification with any of these brands and achieve an excellent sound - that said, for my Gryphon, and now recently corroborated with my last acquisition of the Attila / Scorpio, I deduce the following:

1.- Forget about the design topology: Any equipment based on bulbs or transistors have stigmas inherited from many years, and several of you readers may perceive how a device based on valve or silicone amplification sounds, in the case of Gryphon, It takes a LOT of work to define it, this particularly when they operate in Class A mode, since at least in my case, the deception operates and it is very difficult for me to determine if what I hear comes from an amplification based on one topology or another.

2.- Almost unlimited dynamics: Depending on the recording and the musical piece itself, there are certain musical content that include a very wide dynamic spectrum, the amplifiers (and in this case the CD source) from Gryphon gives the feeling of not having almost the limit in lifting from 0 to 100 in a few seconds, they do not lose their composure or stay with nothing, resulting in a very captivating and even addictive presentation. After being exposed to this sensation, nothing is the same.

3.- Textures, textures and more textures: Strings, metals, voices ... everything is presented with a touch of realism and palpability that only the live event can give - with these couple, not only the voice of the artist is heard, but also their box thoracic, air flowing through his/her throat ... strings not only vibrate in space, but the body of each instrument and the texture of the arms and the sound environment of each instrument, thus allowing us to understand in greater detail the intention of the author and his/her work, albeit for classical music, jazz, rock or progressive, which is what I listen to the most.

There are many reviews on the internet that will take you through the technical specifications of this equipment, its impeccable assembly, finish and quality of its components - for me, Gryphon, and in particular this pair of integrated amplifier and CD player (Atila / Scorpio) represent a solid option that can leave that compulsive changer that some of us carry inside calm for a long time and leave us with music, a lot of music to enjoy.
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