Gryphon at RMAF 2018 - Zena Debut


N.American Launch of Zena at RMAF 2018

Gryphon Audio Designs are honoured to announce the N. American debut of their new Zena preamplifier at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival to be held in Denver, CO from 5 -7 October at the Denver Marriott Tech Centre. The Zena will be on active display at Long’s Peak on the mezzanine level.

Associated Equipment.
Antileon EVO stereo amplifier,
Sonett phono stage
Scorpio S CD player
Kalliope DAC
Pantheon loudspeakers

Artesania Audio Exoteryc Rack
Artesania Audio Aire amp stand
RevoX / SonoruS PR99 reel to reel playing The Tape Project master tapes
Turntable - TBD
M.I.T. Cabling.
Scott Warren from Supra HiFi (Fort Worth, TX) gives his impression of the Gryphon Audio Designs system at RMAF 2018.
Robert Cray - Pllayin’ In The Dirt from False Accusation. Reissue by The Tape Project on 2 track, ¼” tape, 15 IPS.
Today should be even better, as we are expecting the Zena to be delivered shortly and both Acoustic Sounds and The Tape Project are lending us new compilation tapes. Can’t wait, should be really iexciting, not to mention always a pleasure to see old friends again. . The sound quality last night was superb, another twelve hours of warm up, should really be noticeable, Fuller, more natural sound, with a deep and wide soundstage.


May 31, 2010
Covington, LA
Hi Philip. I visited your room at RMAF at least 4 or 5 times during the show. Given the challenges of a hotel environment with all the ambient noise, I thought your presentation was one of the very best. The dynamic range and pure scale of the setup was just awesome!

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