Goldmund 'NextGen' series amp production

Rob Sonata

New Member
Jan 23, 2017
Just returned from a visit to Geneva to see the team from Goldmund.

The factory is a hive of activity with production running flat out, building the first batch of the new 'NextGen' amplifier series.

Here you can see work taking place on the Telos 590 integrated, as well as the Telos 1000 and 2500 mono power amps.

We also managed to get up close and personal with the factory prototype of the new 'Ultimate' amp, the Telos 5500. The first production models of which have already been shipped off to their eager new owners in the Far East.

Extermally, the amps have not been altered greatly but it's a totally different story on the inside. Substantial evolution has taken place and the huge step forward in performance has even surprised the Goldmund R&D Dept.

The 'Best' has just got a lot better !

Goldmund NG production.jpg

2500NG int med.jpg

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