Goldmund 'NextGen' amplifiers

Rob Sonata

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Jan 23, 2017
Here are the first set of official photos of the latest NextGen series of amplifiers from legendary Swiss manufacturer Goldmund.

Telos 2500 and 1000 mono power amps, as well as the Telos 590 integrated - all amps feature analogue and digital inputs.

Once again, Goldmund are pushing the boundaries of amplifier design to eliminate 'time distortion' from the audible spectrum (no bandwidth limiting problems here), resulting in the most lifelike reproduction of sound yet created.

NextGen circuitry is also used in Goldmund's range of DSP active, wireless speakers.





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Dec 12, 2011
Wow, I hope this latest tech makes it in the Active speakers. That ProLogos is one very very baaaad boy!
Jan 23, 2017
Wow, I hope this latest tech makes it in the Active speakers. That ProLogos is one very very baaaad boy!
Hi Norman,

The work done on the amp circuits for the active speakers inspired the R&D for the new NextGen series, and I'm sure some of the work done on these amps will find its way back into future speaker developments :)

I'm glad you enjoyed hearing the Prologos at our place in London, hopefully we'll see you again soon and please feel free to mention us to any of your music-loving friends, the door is always open for Goldmund fans.

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