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Steve Williams

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That is a beautiful system. I bet that speaker will sound great with your electronics
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Jan 7, 2011
Bangkok , THAILAND

Which are your favourite amps? Pretty formidable set you have there.
I just try tube amplifier first , the Air Tight ATM3211 mono block and I like it . Even not yet try darTZeel and CH PRECISION but I thought all these 3 brands will be sound great with Divin noblesse in the different character .:)


Mar 12, 2017
Great pictures of speakers Khun Boonyarat. Your cables have best touch and feel too.

Kind regards,
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you need to get that amp up to 48-52 degrees C and you may want to try 10 percent feedback.
How did it sound once you got the amp up to temperature?
Also on the floor you have the footers work incredibly well and getting them to hold the speaker solidly and aligning the tweeter at the listening position works really well
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Apr 17, 2016
For temperature also when I reach 48/50 sound is much much better
For 10% I prefer without,sound is purest with feedback at 0
For temperature also when I reach 48/50 sound is much much better
For 10% I prefer without,sound is purest with feedback at 0
this is speaker related Gianni. With your speaker 0 may be best with other speakers it may not. What is great is that you can choose and do it from the app from your listening chair.
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Jun 29, 2012
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