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Mar 3, 2021
I have a full loom of Gobel. As you likely have read, they take 500 hours+ to burn in, so be patient. What I heard a few days In, compared to what I hear now, is much different.
With how much I am staying home and enjoying my music now 500 hrs is easy peasy… LOL…I just spent 200 hrs+++ on my audio room listening while assembling, tuning and breaking in my car audio and yes my Goebel SC does get MUCH better, I ditched my Siltech King totally already, considering to just buy another Siltech in Triple Crown level just to decide if I should totally abandon the brand or still need to combine. Goebel is very reasonably priced to have a full loom for the entire system, I just have to try one by one.

Problem is, with how much I listen to my system, now I am concerned about how long before I need to replace my NOS when acquired RCA 211 tube pair…. I have tried to look for replacement pairs to anticipate but no luck so far.


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Dec 12, 2011
Good luck with your evaluation. As you know, there’s never one right or wrong answer and it often comes down to personal taste and synergy with the rest of your system. As I own Gobel speakers, I have that synergy. Please keep us posted on how Gobel stacks up after they’ve been full broken in!
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