Genesis IM-8200 Question

Dec 3, 2018
Hi - Quick question. Bought a pair of Genesis IM-8200's that I am going to resell on Craigslist. Picked them up at a budget price from another CL ad, and then had them re-foamed by the OTHER Genesis guy (Human Speakers - he's local). Just have them hooked up to my midfi system - should have plenty of power to drive them. One speaker is significantly louder than the other - for example in vocals. The guy who re-foamed them did say he had to tighten up the binding posts in the interior of one speaker - so maybe they came loose again? But it's not the signal is dropping out completely. The other thing I noticed was a piece of electrical tape around one of the Bass Extension Fuses (which I guess would be removed if these were paired with the partner sub). Not sure if this would have any bearing on volume or not. I'd like to figure it out - so was wondering if anyone had insight. I am NOT one to tear apart a speaker to check the innards out, so if worst comes to worst, I guess I'll take them back to have the speaker guy look at them again. Just wondering if anyone had any obvious thoughts/input they could share. Thanks - geo.


WBF Technical Expert (Speakers & Audio Equipment)
Sep 6, 2010
Seattle, WA
These speakers are unfortunately so old (1993) that we don't have the much to go on. The original owner's manual should be on our website under "Archaeology". Here's a direct link:

The "Bass Extension" changes the Q of the high-pass on the woofer to extend the bass or not. Fuse in: more extension, Fuse out: less extension. It should not change the volume in the midrange.

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