Genesis & Gary at the Hong Kong Show 2018


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Gary's in Hong Kong setting up for the big show that starts tomorrow. August 10, 2018. In his own words:

Setting and tuning for the Hong Kong show. This is similar to the set up I had at CES in Las Vegas this year. The Viola Chorale integrated amplifier with Genesis Maestro loudspeakers. I feel that this is one of those magical pairings that transcend price and reputation.

Ki Choi

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May 13, 2010
Seattle WA area
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Gary is the man in my book. Good luck to Genesis and Gary in HK.
Jun 18, 2011
Hong Kong
Pairing the Mastero with a high quality integrated amp is a good idea.
With Chorale, the combo was neat and tidy and gave very good sound at the Show.

Are the other top integrated amps in the markets also good matches?


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what a beautiful finish to that speaker.I bet it sounded every bit as good as it looked
Thanks, Steve. That's high-gloss ebony - a special custom finish. The Maestro has been getting great response since it was commercially launched this year. Next show in 2 weeks in GuangZhou!!
Gary,...Congratulations! Beautiful setup!!! How do these compare to the 5.3s?
<Corrected post....should have typed '5.3s'
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