Furutech FI-48 NCF Silver Connectors


Dec 14, 2021
I should mention almost all of my gear is custom built and has 43 tubes glowing, so you may get different results. When the Furutech ncf 50’s came out they were the perfect match to wake up an all tube system. The visceral impact they presented to the music was perfect and I was able to tube roll to gain that last little bit of midrange I then wanted. I changed every piece of gear with the ncf fl9 iec’s also. Triode wire labs built me some fantastic cables with IEGO 8095 silver ends and I still use them on my ion tweeters to a nice effect. I tried the ncf 48 silver ends and they sent my system the wrong direction. Every piece I tried them on became so dark sounding and boring. I do like what silver imparts to some of my gear, but the IEGO 8095 silver gives me that calmness and isn‘t dark or closed in at all. Just my opinion.
Thank you for your quick response! I have some questions about the characteristics of the Iego 8095, meby you can help me :)

My setup is also tube based, Audio Note Oto phono se Signature (el84) amp and the AN dac3.1x/II (tube-dac), both sound quite neutral. So no added ‘tube warmth’.

I love the calmness, organic and smooth sound of good silver! I want to fine tune my streamer sound by upgrading the powercord to a quite musical/liquid cable from AN, it’s the Isis mainscable.
But I found terminated with the fi50R and even fi50R NCF the sound somewhat artificial. Especially how detail is presented, less musical substance in the air (hard to describe). Also the Prat and attack was lacking a bit and missing some warmth..

If you compare the Iego 8095 to the fi50(R) and / (R) NCF.. do you think the Iego has more warmth/timbre and perhaps more transient attack and Prat?

Or do you recommend adding one Iego gold plated plug on one end to add some warmth to 8095?


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Sep 11, 2011
Santa Cruz, Calif
The Furutech rhodium wall plugs were way too much and the gold wall plugs were slow and very sweet, but the ncf rhodium wall sockets were a perfect in between for my system. I built some power cords with IEGO 8095’s on one end and Furutech ncf 50’s on the other. I thought those to be very nice until I tried a TWL Obession against them. I think TWL and Zenwave ,and I’m sure others, find a cable that voices well with the NCF ends. IEGO 8095’s are the best silver plugs I know of, but I like your idea of gold on the other end.

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