FS: Shunyata Triton Version 1

Feb 7, 2014
Asking Price: $2750 (new $4995)

This Shunyata Triton is about 3 years old (4/14/14). I am the second owner and purchased it on Audiogon in October of 2014. The serial number is HY-U1913. It is the later version of the Triton. The original version had 8 standard outlets and an additional outlet for attaching a Typhon. Subsequent versions did away with the dedicated Typhon port which, according to Caelin Gabriel from Shunyata, didn’t sound as good as the standard 8 outlets:

Tritons had a dedicated C20 connection port. It was provided because there was a concern that some people may use all 8 outlets and then wouldn't have a port to connect to the Typhon. However, when we informed customers that the normal outlets sounded better than the dedicated port, no one chose to use the dedicated port. Therefore, we removed it as an option to avoid confusion of having to explain which port to use and the performance differences. The normal outlets sound better because they are all connected to the ZPP-DS power buss. The C20 Typhon port was connected via an internal set of wires which resulted in a slight degradation of sound quality compared to the outlets.

Review: http://www.theaudiobeat.com/equipment/shunyata_research_triton_typhon.htm


Cosmetic condition is 8/10 (excellent) with a very superficial scratch on left front portion of the top cover plate (see picture). The front panel is otherwise pristine. There is a 2mm scratch on the rear of the right side panel (see picture).

What’s Included
Everything that came originally with the unit from the factory is included: the factory box, Quality Certification checklist with date of manufacture, User Guide and Shunyata literature. The Triton does not come with a C19 (20A) power cord.

Shipping and payment

I will ship in the original Shunyata factory box insured for the total purchase amount through FedEx (estimated to be about $75). Shipment to Hawaii and Alaska would be more. Paypal fees, shipping and insurance will be the responsibility of the buyer. Paypal is the preferred method of payment but I will also accept a certified check. Funds must clear before the item is sent. I have an excellent track record on ebay (wlem321). I have less feedback on Audiogon (lem321) but all reviews have been positive. I will only ship to the continental USA. No returns or trades please. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

Front (2).JPG Rear (2).JPG Scratch (2).JPG Left side.JPG View attachment 33584


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