Free Pokemon type games


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Pokemon type games

If you have kids who are crazy about the Pokemon games, there's Monster Galaxy on Facebook - which is free, and Mino Monsters on iOS which is a 99cent download.

They are all about collecting the little monsters - in Pokemon, you throw a ball after you've got the critter in low health, you throw Star Seeds in Monster Galaxy, you throw Candy in Mino Monsters.

Here are the caveats.. they may be free or really cheap (as opposed to $29.99 on up for the DS or PC games) but they work on trying to get kids to buy the Star Seeds in Monster Galaxy and the Candy in Mino Monsters.

Monster Galaxy - you get a Star Seed a day - and friends who play the game can send one to each other so there's no need to buy them.

Mino Monsters - you find them as you wander around the landscape - so there's no need to buy them.

The rest of the time, it's monster & fight management. If your monsters run out of power, you have to rest - i.e. wait for the monsters to regain their health. Don't breakdown to the kids whining to buy the health potions. :D They have to manage their stable properly!
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Online, there's also Moshi Monsters in which you collect monsters by attracting them by planting special plants in your garden - same mechanic as Viva Pinata (one of the most unfortunately named kid's games as kids and adults, not knowing they were supposed to lure / feed / grow the Pinata animals would bash them like you would a Pinata). It's free to play - again unless you want to subscribe / buy gold to purchase cosmetics and monsters - but the kids can jolly well earn them! Is what I say anyway.

And a Moshi Monster offshoot on the Nintendo DS - Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo which has a ton of mini-games to play to unlock and build up the zoo. No violence in this one. :)

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