Footers for Shunyata Denali 6000/S


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Nov 2, 2018

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with replacing the footers of the Denali 6000 shelf version or using coupling or isolation with for example stillpoints, ansuz darkz, isoacoustics orea, hrs nimbus, etc. I see that Shunyata also have stainless steel feet, the SSF-38 and SSF-50. Can these also be used on the Denali and what would be the 'best' way to go here?
My equipment is not on a dedicated rack, i've placed it in a cabinet, made of lacquered MDF.

Best, Rob
Jul 18, 2014
I haven’t tried the SSF but have used stillpoints under the Cyclops, Triton and Typhon and found the results universally positive and clearly significant. Power conditioners are ideal applications for resonance control and damping ime.

I have found layer stacking using layers of a Triton then stillpoints then Typhon then stillpoints then cyclops etc to be even more eye opening a strategy creating significant damping and radically increasing the benefits of the footers. Go to town on all or any of the above.

Perhaps try putting footers under the 6000 then use it as a base for another set of footers and then a component on that and see/hear what happens.

One thing that I have found is that in employing footers it seems better to utilise the one type and ensure that it is then applied evenly to all.
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Jul 18, 2014
Hi Bar,
I did think about going with the Shunyata feet also when I got my Triton and typhon but since I already had stillpoints here so went with those.

How much did you find the SSF changed/improves the sound. Would love to know. If it was significant I’d also consider getting some as well, just the safe thing is if I had to buy another standalone isolation footer and then found it wasn’t effective under the Shunyata conditioner I could just repurpose it under another bit of gear. Whereas if Rob bought the Shunyata specific footer it wouldn’t then be as easily repurposed. That said in terms of Shunyata’s record I think Caelin and his products are generally beautifully voiced, engineered and very much a safe good value bet.

But I also find mechanical isolation to be so system and context specific that you want some flexibility in where and how you use footers to fine tune how they modify the sound specifically.

I’d also consider Steve’s Centre Stage footers for a short list of sota footers given the level of positive feedback and trial them in the system... and fortunately once in power conditioning stays generally in place so it might be a good circumstance of set and forget and minimise future interruptions for burn in and settling in times with these.

Generally I find putting really good isolation under Shunyata power conditioners and power related products and especially under external linear power supplies has really delivered in spades on micro and macro dynamics in my system. Speakers are more variable in outcome because any footer choice can really seem to impact on the voicing here so not as universal an application. Very, very much a everyone’s mileage may vary kind of area of experience so you do have to explore within the context of your own system and accept some limitations in how others experiences may not always be bulletproof indicators of outcome.
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