Flashback Review - Summer 1995, Positive Feedback

Damon Von Schweikert

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Sep 15, 2016
In this time of mourning at the passing of our founder Albert Von Schweikert, we find the republishing of the original VR-4 review by Positive Feedback especially poignant.

For those unaware, the VR-4 was an award winning landmark product that demonstrated the skilled and revolutionary technology developed by Albert that still forms the bedrock of our current designs.

This model featured some of the first iterations of Albert's Global Axis Integration Network (GAIN) and Acoustic Inverse Replication (AIR) based on his understandings of psychoacoustics as well as the first implementation to manage cabinet resonances through his technique of constrained layer damping.

In historic context, this review was the flash point that launched Albert and his designs into the mainstream of high-end audio of the day. The company Von Schweikert Research rapidly rose from obscurity to challenge the leaders of high-end loudspeaker design as this review illustrates.
Unfortunately that company was doomed to close due to a flood in 1999 in Watertown, NY. Undeterred, Albert moved back to California and started Von Schweikert Audio within 12 months of the devastating loss.
To this day, we lovingly repair and refurbish this legendary design. If you have any interest in taking a trip back in time, we encourage you to click through the link and read about the VR-4 Reference Loudspeaker by Albert Von Schweikert. Enjoy!



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Apr 20, 2010
Midwest fly over state..
..Albert was a gifted designer, visionary and more importantly a good man. His legacy is alive and well being carried forward by Albert‘s son Damon, CEO of VSA and chief design engineer Leif Swanson. RIP Albert...you are sorely missed!

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