First review of the B1 Deecade at SoundStage

Dec 4, 2015
Somerset, uk
great review philip of the B1 Doug:D

they would do justice to anyone's system. :)

Steve Williams

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Johnny Vinyl

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May 16, 2010
Calgary, AB
Congrats! It doesn't get much better than that! :)
Apr 3, 2010
Seattle, WA
Thanks for the link Phillip. Soundstage reviews can be detailed and tough and this one is no exception. I looked at the measurements and liked what I saw as far as smoothness of listening window. The only item of note is the impedance dropping to 2.5 ohm around 40 Hz with a rather large phase shift. This makes it a hard load to drive in that region. Reviewer notes this:

"So, unlike with the B1, I have no caveats about the Oval B1 Decade’s bass -- except that the B1D didn’t have much bass output below about 40Hz."

Wonder how much of that was current limiting in his amplifier not being able to drive the speaker properly. Then again the response is dropping quickly there anyway due to small enclosure so it is probably that or the other :).

Overall very positive review from a tough critique. Congrats.

See you tonight at PNW meeting.

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