First listening room and stones


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Apr 1, 2021
Hi guys

i am very excited to be putting together my first dedicated listening room. I have done my best to make the sound good and also make the space pleasing to me aesthetically. I have a question for the pundits. For aesthetic reasons, I would really like to have a strip of stones about 50-70cm wide and 1-2m long on either side of the place where listeners will sit. By stones, I mean small 2cm stones about 5cm deep. They look really great and I use them decoratively in this way often. May sound weird to some, I know. But will this kill the sound? I know that stone/glass are the worst in terms of reflection and have no absorption, but i have plenty of absorption on the walls and ceiling, I would think these strips would Have marginal effect. Should I just forget about it and choose sound over aesthetics?


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Jan 14, 2020
It’s ok, small stuff. Make sure you have absorption materials everywhere else.

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