First listen to Borrresen 03


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Apr 7, 2014
Canberra Australia
I had a chance to listen to the recently released Borresen bigger floor stander today

I had spent a few days getting used to an all Ansuz and Aavik system with P300 and M300 very sweet transparent amplifiers cabling was ansuz D2 with all ansuz power cables

Source was the accustic arts drive and tube dac combo which is very lovely and refined

Today they put the Borresen s in

It’s certainly a very refined and fast sound without being harsh

Tympani was very vivid and real with no overhang

Sax had amazing detail

I thought the system lacked a bit of colour in that massed strings sounded wiry, and sax had no brassiness, the speakers have been played for about 2 months

I had previously listened to Gauder akustik DARC 100 in the same system which although not having quite the tarnsparency did the timbre of instruments better, but with less depth

I thought the Borresen approached electrostatic transparency but feel I need to hear in a better room, maybe bigger, and tweak the speaker positioning

Interested in others listening experience with this speaker

Interesting the AAVIK amps are very sweet and transparent almost as if the sweetness is a colouration

But very very listenable ,actually they never annoy, maybe a bit lacking in body but they do do violin and cello reasonably well in terms of wooden body and massed strings, this was with the Gauder not the Borresen

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