Evolution of Waversa Products and keeping units at optimal performance.


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Feb 29, 2016
As we know digital audio is evolving rapidly. Collin Shin is very forward-thinking and over designs his hardware to allow for future updates. Sales in North America has grown to a level that I am no longer able to keep track of current owners and alert them to new updates that require attention beyond the firmware updates offered virtually. Updates are frequent and recommended monthly or at least biannually.

When WAP / X FPGA was released this allows for WAP / DSD and that was enabled by a firmware update. If your firmware is current, then your unit performs WAP / DSD when WAP / X is on.

No updates required for the DAC3, DAC3c, VDac - if purchased new April, 2020, or had a physical FPGA update done on or after this date. If you reside in N. America and you own a new or used unit purchased before this date, please contact me for updating.

If you have any questions if your unit is current now or in the future, please PM me to determine if the unit is indeed current. Again, with emphasis, I recommend updating the Firmware on a regular basis.

Newer generation products are able to even reflash the FPGA chip remotely when the firmware is updated over the internet. This is done now with minimal additional steps by the consumer. Some updates when prompted ask for a two-part update with a repowering of the unit in between update stages. The headphone amp, router (Both with an April 2020 purchase or physical update), and slimLITE currently exhibit this feature.

More items will also be inclusive to this list moving forward. Please email me with questions. info@kevalinaudio.com.

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