Endeavor SE Review - Marc Phillips of Part-Time Audiophile

Sep 15, 2016
"I finally came up with a word to describe Von Schweikert Audio loudspeakers that made sense to me, and that word is excitement. The ESEs always sounded as big as they should with certain types of music, with realistic depictions of the dimensions of the soundstage as well as the physical size of the individual performers and instruments. Bass was always as deep as it should have been, never so overpowering that the listening room became a factor, but never stingy with the lowest frequencies when they existed, even slightly. The ESEs always delivered a sense of elation, of a keen sense of fun. I felt as energized after a listening session with the ESEs as I did after stepping off a roller coaster. Wow, let’s do that again!" - Marc Phillips

"If you don’t think I’m giving the Von Schweikert Audio ESE loudspeakers an Editor’s Choice Award, you’re nuts." - Marc Phillips

For the full review with much greater insight into this design, we encourage you to click through to the link, enjoy!

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Jun 7, 2010
Great work Leif and Damon!


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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
Read the review this morning. It appears there are more giddy, giggling music lovers along with Bill Parish (watch his video on this speaker, it's a TRIP!) and myself. There's something special about positive involuntary responses LOL

Looks are definitely deceiving when it comes to the Es, the ESE in particular because it isn't very tall and it takes up so little floor space. It is sweet and nimble as its looks suggest but put your foot down and ZOOM! Huge fun indeed. Stupid good fun :D
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Nov 4, 2019
I agree with all comments attesting to how good these are. :D
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