DS Audio Grand Master + EMM Labs DS-EQ1


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Apr 9, 2013
That is a lovely recording and the system really looks beautiful. I am very impressed you built so much of it. Enjoy

Audiophile Bill

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Mar 23, 2015


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Dec 26, 2011
Thank you for that explanation. It makes sense. The comparison involves both the different cartridges and the different arms. I find it difficult to attribute the sound heard to just the cartridges. Do you have a preference between the two arms, and also between the two cartridges? I always find it difficult to make such comparisons, even if only one variable changes, because the set up process may always be slightly different. I guess we do the best we can until satisfied.
Let me try to explain the sonics differences. I am not very good at describing and easily loss for words. Hope you don't mind. I have only tried DSAauio on Axiom and Esturo Gold on Graham but not vs versa yet. The DSAUDIO/Axiom combo has a very high resolution and density. When listening to a large symphony piece, each piece of instruments can be heard/seen in its position in space. I can also hear the sense of space around each piece of instruments. It is a gentlemen, well composed, full of confidence and keep everything under control. The Estura Gold/Graham has a lower resolution and density (only relative to DSAudio, it is one of the best I have heard). But it is still very dynamic. With Graham Elite, may be due to the shorter arm. It is more exciting, particularly in rock music. It is a young lady, full of energy, flamboyant but sometimes almost out of control but not in a bad way.
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Oct 28, 2019
I think that (the gentleman and the young lady) is one of the most evocative and therefore useful hi-fi analogies I've ever read :) Kudos!

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