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Hello All,

The start of my involvement in audio came at a very early age, I was 10 or 11 when I was at a concert with my parents. The recording engineer let me put the headphones on to listen to the playback of the first half of the show. The recorder was a Nakamichi 1000 cassette deck - I was hooked. My parents are non professional musicians and were very active in the musical community in Bombay so I basically grew up at musical events. I realized very early on that I did not have the same level of musical talend as those around me and so i gravitated towards the live audio and recording of events. I took apart my family radio console (full of alnico Isophon drivers) and built my own speakers at age 13-14. They had the tweeter set back on the top of the bafffle for time alighment with the midrange, i even had a pair of wingnuts and a brace to move the tweeter module!
Anyway, I moved to the US in 1986 and started college, got disgusted, and spent a year at the institute of audio research in greenwich village nyc learning how to become a recording engineer. It was during this time that i spent a lot (way too much) time at the Bottom Line and Lone Star Roadhouse doing FOH and monitors for basically no pay. I also went back to school for an undergraduate degree in Physics and became the chief engineer at the FM station. I can recall doing a live broadcast with a very young lady who played the fiddle and sang a little, she has made quite a name for herself since those days. The band was called Union Station and the young lady was Allison Krauss!
It was during this time that I began doing the mixing for a lot of live events around NYC for FM stations like WNEW and WQCD (CD-101.9). I subsequently worked at CD-101.9 while finishing up post work.
I ended up mixing acts like Pat Metheny, George Benson, Fourplay, Sade etc for broadcast. Somewhere there are DAT's of these floating around.
I always built gear, it was mostly solidstate and some of it was pretty good. I built a Phono preamp using Deane Jensens dual servo circuit and 990 op amps that sounded really good. Until one day, i got my hands on a Dynaco PAS 3 and with all its faults, i realized that a simple circuit with a limited number of gain stages had quite an advantage as far as the ability to emotionally connect. I built a simple 12AX7 phono pre and cloned the output section of an LA2A compressor as the line driver. I refined the phono corcuits and line driver circuits to include the 12AT7 as output amplifier and created a hybrid follower in the line driver section

The first order i got was Larry Marcus who came over to buy a preamp I was selling. He asked me what I would listen to and i showed him the gray hammond box that had tubes sticking out of it at slightly odd angles. He asked if he could listen to it and a couple of minutes later asked me what it would cost if I were to build him one and if he could borrow mine in the meantime!! Since those days, Larry has become a great friend and invaluable to Doshi Audio for his ears along with sales and business experience. He also brings great wine to RMAF !!

This was followed by a few units for other friends in the NY/NJ audiophile community and all of a sudden i started getting emails from all over (i got one from Korea, which blew my mind). I decided that at whatever scale i did this, it had to have a business structure and insurance etc. Doshi Audio was born. with the first product being the full function preamplifier. This was followed by a line stage and then through work with Brian Sowter, we came up with the 31 position volume control transformer. Later evolutions of the products included the balanced MC section with transformer coupling to the MM section, the 90W monoblocks, the 160W monoblocks and Tape stage.

All along, the philosophy has been to use as few gain stages as possible, to use parts conservatively so that the music lover has a tool with which to enjoy music for a long time. It has never been about the latest/greatest whatever. We realize that there many paths to get to one place and that is why we have the "Dogma Free Zone" poster. We try to live that philosophy every day

I hope to use this space to keep in touch, advise and help so feel free to participate

Peter Breuninger

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Jul 20, 2010
Welcome Nick! We'll have to get you in some videos so you can tell the world how ya do it! Will you be in New York for the New York Audio Show?


VIP/Donor & WBF Founding Member
May 6, 2010
Boston, MA
Welcome and best of luck with your business. You seem to have what it takes: musical passion, engineering skill, business acumen and the products to prove it.


[WBF Founding Member]
Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
Your story put a huge smile on my face. Welcome to the forum Nick! :)


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Dec 26, 2010
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Best of the show RMAF 2011,2012
Beautiful looking equipment, and a truly tremendous reputation. I have done business with Larry Marcus in the past on TA Ref cables, and he has spoken extremely highly of Doshi as they are a dealer. Would love to hear them. (like the isolation platforms, btw...just got one myself for my Transport...great stuff.)


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Aug 31, 2010
Mexico City
I have always enjoyed my time taking at shows with Nick as well as the quality of sound reproduction there (loved the tape preamp he takes with at shows!) - please keep sharing your thoughts here!
Aug 6, 2012
Milford, Michigan
It is good to see you here. I have always enjoyed talking to you at Larry's events and appreciate your gear.



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May 31, 2010
OMG! Nick Doshi has his own forum! Awesome!!!

All I can say is that Nick is a genius. I have tried so much gear and nothing has come even close in terms of realism.

Bruce B

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Apr 26, 2010
Seattle, WA
OMG! Nick Doshi has his own forum! Awesome!!!

All I can say is that Nick is a genius. I have tried so much gear and nothing has come even close in terms of realism.

All you need now is his tape pre and you're set!
I can honestly say that the real reward from this endeavour has been getting to know some of you guys. It thrills me to feel your excitement when we talk about music. I have a pretty healthy ego and believe that that stuff i build is pretty good, but I'm realistic enough to understand that this may not be an opinion shared by everyone. Over time I have learned that there are many paths to being happy.
The equipment is something to be tolerated. We all have fond memories of first listening to the music we love on low-fi gear like portable radios, boom boxes etc. I have listened to Gaucho hundreds of times but the time i remember best is listening to Babylon Sisters on WNEW-FM in NYC while taking a cab from 42nd st to the Hilton. My only goal is to build stuff that will provide musical satisfaction for a long time and I really consider it a privilage that I get to build this stuff for you.
Thanks for the kind words and opportunities and i hope you get to enjoy in peace.

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