Denon's 4 digit 2010 receiver line up looks strong


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Apr 26, 2010
Howell, MI
Here is rundown on Denon's new receiver line up. It looks like a pretty strong line this year.

AVR-1611 - $399.99
Four HDMI 1.4a inputs
Analog to HDMI video conversion (480i and 480p only)
75 watts x 7 channels
DPLIIz decoding with front height processing w/ amp assign feature
Zone 2 output with amp assign feature
On screen display for system set up
One component video input and NO component video output

AVR-1911 - $599.99
Same as AVR-1611 except the following
Analog to HDMI video conversion up to 1080p with ABT-1030 scaler
90 watts x 7 channels
HD Radio tuner
Front panel USB input for media players (works with iPhone) or HDDs with on screen meta data
Fixed level preamp output for zone 2

AVR-2311CI - $899.99
Same as AVR-1911 except the following
7.2 channel capable with 2 subwoofer outputs
105 watts x 7 channels
Five HDMI 1.4a inputs
ABT-2015 video scaler
Two component video inputs with one output
RS-232 control
Variable zone 2 preamp outputs
High pass filter, volume limiter, power on level, balance and tone controls for zone 2
Three year warranty

AVR-3311CI - $1,199.99
Same as AVR-2311CI except the following
Aluminum front panel
Audyssey DSX 7.2 channel processing
125 watts x 7 channels
AL24+ processing for front left and right channels
Two selectable HDMI outputs
SACD (DSD) direct through HDMI
Ethernet port for IP control, audio streaming (FLAC 96/24 capable), internet radio, JPEG photos
Pandora and Flickr streaming
DLNA v1.5 certified
7.2 channel preamp outputs

AVR-4311CI - $1,999.99
Same as AVR-3311CI except for the following
Audyssey DSX 9.2 channel processing
140 watts x 9 channels
D.D.S.C.-HD surround sound processing
AL24+ processing all channels
Audyssey MultEQ XT processing with up to 8 positions
Audyssey Multiple Subwoofer EQ
Dolby Volume
Album art with iPod/iPhone via USB
Six HDMI 1.4a inputs
Two parallel HDMI outputs
Web Browser with Album Art
Pre-amp only mode shuts down power supplies to amplifiers
9.2 channel preamp outputs

AVR-4810CI - $2,999.99

AVR-5308CI(A) - $5,499.99

All of this is preliminary at this point, but I doubt much, if any, will change.

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