Defense | The Kremlin says it conducted another successful test of a hypersonic weapon


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Apr 20, 2014
The Ruskies wont have enough of these missiles to hit every US/Nato missile silo and bomber base, so in a first strike this weapon would likely be used to smash down the door & hit key targets like radar sites, command and control and naval and bomber bases, before the first salvo of SLBM's. It is a game changer. The US have lagged behind developing their own Hypersonic weapons, and modernizing their ICBM's and missile defence in particular. That said, If Russia launched a first strike on the US and managed to knock out their Command/control, missile silo's and most of their bombers before they got off the ground, the US still have 14 Ohio class ballistic missile subs, 4 converted Ohio class subs which can carry up to 154 nuclear-tipped cruise missles each and 13 Virginia class subs which can carry nuclear weapons, offering a credible 2nd strike option. That would be supported by the 4 Uk Vanguard class and 4 French Triomphant class ballistic missile subs. Hence a second strike on Russia with SLBM's and cruise missiles alone would wipe it off the face of the earth. Conclusion: this new missile is cool, but like the RS-28 Sarmat, is a political tool to sure up Putin's power and put pressure on Nato to withdraw missile defence sites and tactical nukes in Europe, so they can expand their sphere of influence (if not territory) in Eastern Europe.

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