Dedicated circuit for each outlet pair?


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Dec 12, 2013
Identical length runs using identical wire for your multiple dedicated lines avoids ground loop
can ypu explain to me how or why . if you consider the many possible ground paths i cant see how . the only constant i can see is a larger ground and all grounds to one point . the ground needs to be many times larger then the conductors . the reason is this the voltage a ground must conduct to balance the sysem is very small there for the least path of least resistance rules here . having all grounds to one point helps to. now regarding wire lenth it can matter but ill bet very hard to even measure so enlsrging the ground conductor far exceeds exacting lenths . now one last item the outlet , if it is not an isolated grounding type all bets are off and many possible ground paths are possible , ground loops are when more then one device has a varied potential to power conductors bith neutral and hot leg . using an isolated putlet and all grounds being large and to one point is very good start . look at tripoint , equatech and many others all start with this basic method . some and i feel the best made audio prodcuts do two things that truly make them more bullit proof . one is an internal isolated balanced power supply , next input transfomers . this solves almost all ground loop issues . input tranformers alone should be on all audio products

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