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Hey Steve, I have been waiting to see if Joe and son would come up with footers for speakers like was mentioned in forum. Are there problems that were not expected? Are they working on it or did problems arrive? Thanks marc
Joe has the beta versions of the speaker feet. They will come in 2 sizes. Release date has not been announced yet. I’ve seen photos of them


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May 25, 2010
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I have been using CMS footers since their first beta test and found them to be remarkable, and improving with every iteration. Fortunately, the awkward break-in period has also improved and shortened, with the 1.5's being far and away the best of the three sizes. I have them throughout my system and no longer consider them accessories, but rather part of the cost of each piece of equipment.

My last system upgrade was a big one, chronicled on WBF under "My Bucket List Sound System". My current core electronics are VAC with a Statement 450IQ S amp. Since the amp is two chassis and heavy at well over 200 pounds, I have had 4 1.5 footers under the power supply and 4 more under the amplifier section which sits on top of the power supply. Since the combined height of the amp chassis is too high for my rack it has been sitting on the floor on a thin area rug between my VSA Ultra 9's using the 8 1.5 CMS footers, producing beautiful sound for almost a year.

Today, I did a simple experiment that for once cost no money, but improved the sound once again, by giving the footers a better base, namely a 1.5" slab of slate that the 4 1.5 footers under the power supply now sit on, with the amplifier still stacked on top of the PS with another 4 1.5 footers. Immediately the sound improved somewhat in the way I expect CMS footers to enhance the sound. Now after 8 hours in this configuration, the sound has continued to improve beyond the magnitude of benefit from the first footers I beta tested when they first came out several years ago.

The same was true with my Taiko SGM Extreme (100 pounds) with 4 1.5 footers, whose sound improved with the addition of each of the four 1.5 footers in rapid succession because I could not insert all 4 of them them and hold the Extreme, so I added one in each corner after hefting the Extreme on the the shelf and then rapidly inserted a footer in each corner with immediate improvement, which rapidly leveled off around 7-10 days. Each addition to the chain makes the entire chain sound better, as did the addition of MasterBuilt Ultra PC's, IC's and speaker wire.

My only conclusion is that everything matters, especially as your system quality improves.

Bravo Joe and Steve.


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