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Dec 28, 2020

So I´m in need of a music server that will fit into my new hometheatre/music setup. I know that Taiko Extreme is very popular, the buildquality and their own app "Taiko Audio XDMS" for playing music. I heard good things and bad (is it still in beta?)

I really like the look of Taiko but these are the ones I am considering


For those of you that have compared; what is there to say? Have anyone had one streamer and then changed it to another and for what reason.

For me, I have all my music on harddrives, I´ve compared to streaming music and I dont like the streaming.

Thanks for all the input.

And I have over 20TB of DSD512, SACD, FLAC so I collect a lot. I might get a LP-player later just for nostalgic reason, but digital will be nr.1

I am all ears if I missed something or have not considered something.

My setup will consist of

28b3 – Bryston
CINEMA 40 - Reference 9.4 Channel AV Receiver with 125W, 8K and 7 HDMI Inputs | Marantz - US
I compared all three of those brands.

The Taiko offered probably the liveliest sound. The Pink Faun was more analytical and excelled on acoustic music. The Lucas Audio was the best all-rounder and was a third of the price of the other two, so that's the one I bought.
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I have heard the Extreme w/the Taiko switch in my own system and preferred the Antipodes K50 G3 to it. The OLADRA G4 is even better than the K50. I know that you didn't mention Antipodes, but you may want to check them out if you haven't already.

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